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For nurses, getting ready everyday could be as monotonous and boring by dressing up with the same uniform, same nursing scrubs and clogs and the same simple plain look since the profession demands to be like that. Nurses can change their outlook every day by wearing a bit of accessories that give a professional touch. …

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Saving Time While Medical Scrubs Shopping

Have you ever wondered why somebody would just spend so much time medical scrubs shopping or uniform shopping? Although uniform is a necessary part of one’s attire and it represents you professionally, but when uniforms are meant to be the same and almost everybody’s get up at workplace is supposed to be the same then …


3 Reasons Why To Keep Your Medical Equipment With You

In any medical set up, there are some pre-requisites that ensure that you are a dedicated person in your field. For instance being to work on time, taking care of your colleagues and performing your job tasks seriously do make an impact in your work surroundings.

A few things that you should take care of while …


Medical Product Reviews

The Medical Product Blog has Medical Product Reviews. We want to see some reviews from you! Message us and we will post YOUR review of any medical product!

Medical Product Reviews

We welcome everyone who has used a medical product to give us their review. We review that review and post it. We …


What to do When You’re in a Wheelchair and the Tornado Siren Sounds

Tornadoes seem to be Mother Nature’s favorite go-to natural disaster as of late. And I gotta admit – all of this spontaneous death-twisting is getting on my poor nerves. Ever since I saw Twister in 1996, tornadoes were no longer “cool.” They were death-traps, something I never wanted to be anywhere near or close to …

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Know How a Wheelchair Should Fit Your Body

Alternative forms of mobility are often used by individuals with paralysis, most often a wheelchair.  Knowing how a wheelchair should fit your body is helpful. As a consumer, it is good to have an idea about what is needed to be specific for your body.  It has been estimated that 80-90% of individuals are not …


MRIequip is Going to Dubai!

MRIequip is our medical equipment website for non-magnetic hospital equipment. They supply complete MRI setups down to individual parts of non-magnetic MRI equipment. We want to announce that you can now meet with MRIequip Representatives in Dubai! They …

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Top 5 Greatest Medical Inventions

Have you ever wondered what the top 5 greatest medical inventions are? We’re showing you why they help more than the many other products in the field today.

Top 5 Greatest Medical Inventions

1. X-rays

X-ray technology has earned the number one spot in this top 10 list, having transformed the understanding of the body and healthcare administration. …

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FDA Safety Recall

We want to show you the medical products that have been recalled due to safety issues. The following medical devices have fallen under a FDA Safety Recall.

FDA Safety Recall

Many people do not even realize that a medical product has been on recall by the FDA so here is your chance to make sure that you …


Looking For Someone With A Government GSA Contract?

Right now Ocelco is approved to sell under their government GSA contract. They have multiple styles and types of medical equipment for you to choose from.

Government GSA Contracts

Ocelco knows the time and frustration it takes to get things moving for government facilities. They plan to make it as easy as possible for you to get the …

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