Breath of Fresh Air the Ultimate Guide

Breath of Fresh Air the Ultimate Guide of different types of oxygen concentrators and accessories to help make breathing easier.

Ocelcos differnt types of oxygen concentrators

Oxlife Liberty Oxygen Concentrator deliver 24/7 continuous flow oxygen therapy in an innovative, compact design with unmatched durability and long battery life giving patients the effective oxygen therapy they need, with the mobility to live the life they desire. Oxygen Liberty is conveniently portable on the road, in the workplace and at home giving you the effective oxygen therapy you deserve with the freedom of mobility you desire.

Oxlife Liberty Oxygen Concentrator

Dynarex 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator supplies additional oxygen to individuals with difficulty breathing. Users can customize oxygen flow with the adjustable flow knob. Works in conjunction with easily attached nasal cannulas (5201-5207) that hook over the ears and under the nose for easy inhalation. The Dynarex Oxygen Concentrator also comes with several audible safety alarms including an Oxygen Purity Indicator (OPI), and a manual reset button to keep patients breathing regularly, even after power fluctuations. Ideal for a variety of professional healthcare facilities such as retirement homes, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and more.

Dynarex 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator

TRUAIRE 5 O2 CONCENTRATOR is a compact, low maintenance solution with easy, out-of-box set up and ultra-quiet operation. Designed to operate 24/7, the truAIRE-5 is the dependable 5-liter oxygen concentrator choice for oxygen patients. It has no exposed moving parts, making it more reliable and quiet than conventional systems.

Truaire 5 O2 Concentrator

Oxlife Protective Wheelchair Cover helps keep your concentrator from getting scratches and protects against the elements. Oxlife Protective Covers have a clear polyurethane window that allows easy viewing of the control panel at the top of your concentrator. Whether you’re outdoors, traveling, or simply seeking extra protection at home, the Oxlife Protective Wheelchair Cover is a practical and efficient accessory.

Oxlife Protective Wheelchair Cover

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