Beds, Rails, & Controls

Beds, Rails, & Controls. Standard hospital beds, low beds, pvc beds, & bariatric beds are necessary for hospitals and home use. we’ll show you differences.

Beds, Rails, & Controls

Drive Medical Full Electric Bed with Full Length Brown Vein Side Rails

We’re going over the advantages and disadvantages of the different styles and types of beds and also talking about the rails, accessories, and controls available.

Full Electric
Full electric beds do it all with the push of a button and give the bed user full independence. Also allowing for less work for the caregiver.

More cost effective and still fully functional for moving your head and feet with the push of a button. The crank is required to raise and lower the height of the bed which should only be necessary upon set-up.

All functions on these beds are done with a hand crank and cannot be adjusted with any buttons.

Low Beds
Low beds are just as they sound like, beds that are low to the ground. These beds are meant for people who do not have very good mobility but can still get in and out of their beds.

PVC Beds
Pvc’s frame is reinforced with aluminum to prevent cracking and breaking.

For more information on these room beds including the parts such as controls and bed rails you can head on over to Ocelco’s Bed & Room Section.



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