Bed Bathing

We’re show you how to go about bed bathing, products to make this process much easier, and tips to make the bed bathing process much simpler

Bed Bathing

Bed bathing is not always the easiest thing to do. There are many wrong ways to give a bed bath that make the process much harder than it has to be, we are here to show you how to do this the right way. Their are many different helpful products that you will be thankful to have once you do. Bed Bathing is much easier with items like

Bed Bathing

EZ-Bathe Portable Bath Tub with Accessories


Fits all beds
Inflatable pillow
25-foot reinforced drain hose with on/off switch
25-foot hose with shower head
Wet and dry vacuum
71″ x 31″ x 13½”
Latex Free

More Bed Bathing Products

Another way of easy bed bathing is the EZ Shampoo Hair Washing Tray. This easy to use hair washing tray gives you the ability’s of a hair salon’s hair washing sink without the need of the expensive sink and installation. This product makes it easy to wash anyone’s hair in the sink. There is also no rinse shampoo and no rinse conditioner. That’s right these products will give your hair the wash it needs, without the need of rinsing. This makes it easy to get a quick washing done.

Bed Bathing Tips

Bed bathing has been made much easier and doesn’t require as big of a mess with many of these products. Give a few of them a try and you will spend less time giving bed baths every day. Here is some more information if you need additional help figuring out how to give bed baths. They go threw every detail on how to do a great job giving bed baths

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