Bathroom and Shower Products

We offer a wide variety of Bathroom and Shower products, shower curtains, grab bars, and much more. Each of our bathroom safety items has its unique advantages. We have many different styles and types of bathroom safety equipment to sort through, and every last one will make your bathroom a much more stable and safe place to be.

Individual Safety

Everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable in their own home. Bathroom and shower safety products are the perfect way to add confidence and strength to any individual in need.

Our Bathroom & Shower Products

Grab Bars and Safety Rails –  Ocelco has ADA-compliant grab bars and safety rails. We sell handicap rails for showers and bathrooms in hospitals, healthcare, and construction companies. Our handicap grab bars include portable bars, bathtub bars, and commode toilet rails. We carry folding bathroom safety rails, swing-away bars, and custom grab bars.

Fall Protection Products – Our Fall Protection Products are perfect for that extra protection against falls in the bathroom. Our anti-slip systems can be used in the tub, shower, or on the floor.

Shower Curtains –  Our Shower Curtains are used widely in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and institutions to help control bacteria in bathing areas. Commercial shower curtains are designed with various fabrics and functions, including ADA, eco-friendly, and antimicrobial shower curtain options. Ocelco carries a large selection of medical shower curtains for your facility or home use. Our hospital shower curtains come in 3 standard lengths and 10 standard width combinations and are made of either Super Bio Stat Vinyl or Sure-ChekĀ® LINEN.

What is a commercial shower curtain?

Hospital shower curtains are commercial-grade shower curtains typically used in facilities where multiple people use bathing areas. Hospital shower curtains have two main purposes: providing privacy and preventing water from flooding the bathroom. Commercial shower curtains are made of heavy-duty vinyl with an antimicrobial coating that helps prevent mold and soap scrum build-up. This feature also makes commercial shower curtains easy to clean and maintain during multiple uses. Commercial shower curtains are designed with bacteria control in mind, can help make any bathing area more functional.

Raised Toilet Seats – Our Raised Toilet Seats for disabled and elderly patients are designed for those who have difficulty sitting down or getting up from a standard toilet. These handicap commode seats are great for those with arthritis, mobility problems, or hip replacement patients. Economy one-piece molded seats are universal to fit most toilet seats and are available with or without arms. Some Toilet Seat Risers clamp on for extra security and stability.

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