Bathroom and Shower Complete Line

Bathroom and shower complete line consists of a variety of products and accessories that can be added to a bathroom or shower.

Ocelco’s complete line of bathroom and shower equipment

Shower Trolley are foot operated shower trolleys and are unique with side mounted column allowing the trolleys stretcher to overlap the bed further for a safe and easy patient transfer. The trolleys drain at both ends allowing the person to be positioned in either direction, an invaluable feature for the caregiver.

Shower Trolley

Toilet Seat Riser is a great solution for the elderly, those with limited mobility and those recovering from hip, knee, or back surgery. Safely use with the existing seat and lid on any standard or elongated toilet. The durable, split resistant composite seat riser safely supports up to 350 pounds. 

Toilet Seat Raiser

Robotec Bonn Shower Chair have a soft and durable polyurethane seat cover for comfortable seating and easy cleaning. The shower chair has 5″ hospital grade swiveling and locking castors for secure transfer. Hygiene opening can easily be moved from the front to the back. Hygiene bucket with vacuum seal top included.

Shower Chair

Hi-Lo Bath System are specifically designed to optimize smaller spaces without sacrificing function and efficiency. Ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and private homes who have limited space and require a fully functioning bathtub. The bath raises and lowers to find the ideal working height for the attendant, reducing heavy lifting and bending, fatigue and risk of back injury.

Bath System

Hospital shower curtains are commercial grade shower curtains typically used in facilities where bathing areas are used by multiple people. Hospital shower curtains have two main purposes: to provide privacy and to prevent water from flooding the bathroom. Commercial shower curtains are made of a heavy duty vinyl with an antimicrobial coating that helps prevent mold and soap scrum build up. This feature also makes commercial shower curtains easy to clean and maintain during multiple uses. Designed with bacteria control in mind, commercial shower curtains can help make any bathing area more functional.

Shower Curtains
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