Bariatric Patient Lifts and Parts

Like many other kinds of medical equipment, bariatric patient lifts and parts vary with different styles of equipment. We’ll review the top patient lifts.

Bariatric Patient Lifts

The many different brands of patient lifts is a big part of the many different styles and types. We’re going to review a few of your different patient lift option styles and tell you the features and downfalls of each kind.

Manuel Lifts

Drive Manual Patient Lift


Manuel lifts are low cost lifts that still do the job right. It is harder to use than a hydraulic or electric patient lift. There is a handle to safely raise and lower the user of this patient lift.

Hydraulic Lifts

Bariatric Patient Lifts and Parts

This is a popular patient lift option for its easy use and reasonable prices. Most hydraulic lifts come with a swivel part attachment that easily adapts to all slings styles and positions. The pump handle rotates to either side for easy operator access.

Full Electric Patient Lifts

Full Electric Patient Lift

Full electric patient lifts can be quite a bit more costly than other styles but it is by far the easiest to use. Easily lift and move the user anywhere with very little effort in comparison to other styles.

What to Look For inĀ Bariatric Patient Lifts and Parts

Besides the three different styles of lifts there are some specifications that you still need to look into. Most of these lifts do not come with slings, so you have to make sure when purchasing a sling that it is compatible with the lift that you have. The main thing you need to look at is brand styles, but that is not all. Even if you have the correct brand you still need to make sure the measurements line up with the lift that you have. There are also many different and helpful accesssories available for bariatric patient lifts and parts.

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