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Ask us questions about any medical product that you are having difficulty figuring out. Ask us instructions, parts, information, & anything else!

Ask Us!

Hello and welcome to the Medical Product Blog “Ask Us!” page. On this page your are welcome to leave a comment, asking us anything about any medical product!

Once your comment is received we will take that comment and come up with step by step instructions on how to properly use the medical equipment you inquired about. Or give you the proper answer to the question you have if it does not require instructions.

Thank you for letting us help and I hope we provide you with the information that you’re looking for. If we misinform youĀ something, we may have misunderstood your question so let us know and we will revise our response just for you!

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    • medicalproductblog Reply

      Call Ocelco’s customer service for a shipping quote on your products. 1-800-328-5343.

      If it’s MRI equipment you’re looking for, call MRIequip at 1-866-529-3526

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