Anti Scald Shower Head, Valve, & Tub Spout

Many people do not know the true dangers of how hot there own shower and bath water can be. The chart we are going to show you below will make you want to triple check your water temperature, especially when dealing with children and infants.

Anti Scald Shower Head, Valve, & Tub Spout


How To Keep Your Water Temperature Safe

There are many common sense things to do to keep your water temperature safe. You may turn your shower or bath on wait for the water to get warm, stick your hand in, adjust, wait more, put your hand in again, adjust more, wait more, repeat until water temperature is perfect (sometimes up to 5 or 6 times). Or you can take a look at a few of these safety products that are guaranteed to keep your bath and shower water safe.

Anti-Scald Shower Head
Hot Stop Anti-Scald Shower HeadThis easy to use anti-scalding shower head takes just minutes to install. the anti-scalding protection is built in so you there are no adjustments or hard to figure out modification needed to install this great safety device. Right after installing, this device will quickly shut itself off if temperatures are to hot & overbearing for anyone to handle.

Minimum Actuation Temp: 117° F (47° C)
Shut-off Time: <5 seconds at 120° F (49° C)
Housing Material: ABS plastic
Finish: Polished Chrome
Included Accessories: PTFE tape

Hot Stop Anti-Scald Tub Spout

Hot Stop Anti-Scald Tub SpoutThe Anti-Scald Tub Spout acts in the exact same manner as the shower sprayer. No hard installations, no special components, just put the spout on and it will shut off if your water temperature is far to hot to safely use.

There are a few other products that work in the same way as these but may work a little bit differently. Click on the images of these products to look more into them, or you can take a look at more Bathroom Safety Devices here!
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