Anti Rollback Devices

We want to take a moment to go over the effectiveness of Anti Rollback Devices. This safety product has saved lives.

Anti Rollback Devices
Some people in wheelchairs cannot push themselves or have a hard time doing so. If they are trying to go up a hill or slope of any kind, it can be very dangerous. Of course it depends on the person and how well the person in the wheelchair can function, but this is a very good safety net that could end up helping anyone at certain times. For instance, you will not have to remember to put on your brakes every time you want to stop. There is really no reason no to look into different Anti Rollback Devices. There are no downfalls to this process, you can only gain from it.

Anti Rollback Devices Sizes & Accessories
There are many different sizes to Anti Rollback Devices so be sure that you are selecting the right size for your wheelchair. This device has the option of coming with a alarm that sounds if the wheelchair user falls from there wheelchair.

Anti-Rollback Devices

Where To Find Anti Rollback Devices
A couple of places to find Anti Rollback Devices would be Ocelco or WheelchairParts

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