Wheelchair and Scooter Tires

There are many great places to find wheelchair and scooter tires but we want to show & tell you about the best places to find wheelchair and scooter tires.

Wheelchair and Scooter Tires
There are many different styles and types of wheelchair and scooter tires. You need to make sure you know the exact measurements and specifications of the tires before you start looking, and if you need help, ask us! Or ask one of the stores we’re going to lists customer service.

Pneumatic Tires

Pneumatic Tires
Pneumatic Tires are easy to roll and have many different trad styles. Rubber tires are harder to roll and only have one style of tread. Many people like the pneumatic tires due to there versatility. the pneumatic wheelchair tires come in sizes ranging 6″-26″.

Solid Snap-On Tires

Solid Tires, Snap-On
Snap-On tires never deflate. They are very nice for getting around anywhere and if you need a wheelchair tire for wheelchairs that are mainly being pushed by someone else, these are the perfect tires for you.

Poly Foam Filled Tires

Poly Foam Filled Tires
Poly foam filled tires are another great solution to never having to worry about your tires deflating again. Depending on the exact size, they generally have more tread options for you to choose from.

Where To Find Wheelchair and Scooter Tires

Is a great place to find almost any wheelchair parts. They have a well designed website which will help you find what you need as well as great customer service that can do the same for you.

Ocelco has many different wheelchair parts as well as over 10,000 different styles and types of other medical equipment.

If you have any other questions on wheelchair tires please feel free to comment on this post or Ask Us! on our Ask Us! Page! We’re here to answer your questions quickly and with the most information we possibly can so we answer your question and hopefully even more in one response.

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