MRI Facility Maintenance

MRI Facility Maintenance is a critical aspect of healthcare operations ensuring the cleanliness safety, and optimal functioning of MRI suites.

Ocelco’s MRI facility maintenance equipment.

MRI Non-Magnetic Mop Bucket Press Wringer with Casters effectively removes dirt and debris from microfiber mop pads before wringing. It is an exceptional cleaning tool designed for efficiency and convenience. non-magnetic …


Exploring the Best Products for Patient Comfort

Exploring the best products for patient comfort informs caregivers to make informed choices on quality patient comfort equipment.

Ocelco’s best products for patient comfort.

Bed Buddy Weighted Blanket is a perfect weighted blanket that works as a youth size or adult size. The premium quality stitching with tight pockets keep the weighted beads in place, helping …


Choosing The Right Wheelchair

Choosing the right Wheelchair is a guide to selecting the perfect kind of wheelchair for your unique needs that best suits your lifestyle.

Ocelco’s wheelchairs.

Drive Blue Streak 18″ Wide Wheelchairs have flip back desk arms and swing away footrests for great ease-of-use and convenience. Durable and Safe: The Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair has an attractive …