Bathroom and Shower Complete Line

Bathroom and shower complete line consists of a variety of products and accessories that can be added to a bathroom or shower.

Ocelco’s complete line of bathroom and shower equipment

Shower Trolley are foot operated shower trolleys and are unique with side mounted column allowing the trolleys stretcher to overlap the bed further for a safe …


The Spectrum of Detection Unveiling the World

The spectrum of detection encompasses a vast array of ferromagnetic technologies that revolutionize sensing capabilities across various areas.

Ocelco’s diverse spectrum of detection

FerrAlert HALO II Plus Ferromagnetic Detection System provides the most reliable detection and prevention of ferromagnetic threats from entering the MRI room (Zone IV). FerrAlert detectors are recognized to be the most accurate …


Best Respiratory Equipment For Everyday Use

Best Respiratory Equipment For Everyday Use includes CPAP machines, oxygen tanks, humidifiers and many more products, to better your life.

Ocelco’s Respiratory Equipment

IGO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator With Bluetooth are small, lightweight devices that deliver oxygen to those with breathing problems.┬áIGO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrators are designed to be portable, so people can use them while they …


The Ultimate Guide to Wheelchair Parts

The Ultimate Guide to Wheelchair Parts is a comprehensive resource for anyone who needs to know more about wheelchair parts.

Ocelco’s The Ultimate Guide to Wheelchair Parts

Shove-a-Lugs is the ultimate mobility grip accessory for your manual wheelchair. Made with high quality, durable materials, Shove-A-Lugs provides an unbeatable grip that allows you to navigate any terrain with …