Ocelco’s Best Selling Products

Ocelco’s best-selling products consist of Knee scooters, Exam gloves, Covid tests, and Suction pump aspirators. These are top seller products.

Our best selling equipment!

Foldable Seated Knee Scooter are proven, durable mobility aid that provides maximum mobility for a full range of foot, ankle, knee, and leg injuries. This scooter keeps the injured leg cradled and elevated …


MRI Safety Equipment & tools

MRI Safety Equipment are making your MRI environment a safer place including safety sign stickers and stickers to MRI safe fire extinguishers.

Our MRI safety equipment

MRI Screening Magnet Ā has been specially designed by experienced clinical and research MR practitioners and leaders in the field of MR safety to meet the needs of busy MR sites. Magnetic …


Medical Respiratory Equipment

Medical Respiratory equipment is designed to deliver aerosol medication therapy effectively with clinical accuracy for patients who need medicine

Our medical respiratory equipment

Drop Cool Mist helps get relief from cold and flu-like symptoms and brings wellness to your entire family in style with a Crane Top Fill Drop Humidifier with Sound Machine. With an award-winning …