Walking Aids

Walking Aids

Ocelco has a complete line of mobility equipment and walking aids for sale, including Canes, Crutches, Walkers, Rollators, and Specialty Walking Aids. Ocelco wants to take you through all of your options regarding walking aids, and there are many of them.

Our Walking Aid Products

Canes & Quad Canes are adjustable and versatile. Our aluminum canes are …


Bariatric Equipment

Bariatric equipment is equipment and supplies that are designed for larger or obese patients. Most equipment defined as bariatric has a 300+ pound weight limit, with many of the items we sell having as much as 900-pound weight limits or more.

We have a large selection of bariatric supplies for sale, including heavy-duty wheelchairs, heavy-duty walkers, …

Bathroom and Shower / Categories

Bathroom and Shower Products

We offer a wide variety of Bathroom and Shower products, shower curtains, grab bars, and much more. Each of our bathroom safety items has its unique advantages. We have many different styles and types of bathroom safety equipment to sort through, and every last one will make your bathroom a much more stable and safe …