Pill Management

Pill Management

Pill Management systems are designed to make your life easier while using medication. Whether it means eliminating the common issue of pills being too large for dosing or just managing your medication using organizers and pill counters, ocelco has you covered.

Pill Crushers – Pill crushers are devices that crush pills. The resulting powder can be …

Physical Therapy Equipment

Splints and Orthopedic Support

Splints and Orthopedic Supports are commonly used for physical therapy and are rigid or flexible devices that can maintain a movable part.

Splints and Orthopedic Support advantages:

Advantages are to temporarily immobilize an injured limb, decrease swelling, and minimize further potential soft-tissue injuries associated with contusions, sprains, lacerations, and fractures, dislocations, or painful joints.

Trigger Finger Splint – …