Hospital Curtains

EZE Swap™ Snap On Hospital Curtains

Regular hospital curtains can be a pain to take off the track and clean. We’re introducing to you the new EZE Swap™ Snap On Hospital Curtains System.

How Does It Help?

These hospital curtains make the process of taking your hospital curtains down to wash a breeze. Simply snap the curtains off of the attached …


Looking For Someone With A Government GSA Contract?

Right now Ocelco is approved to sell under their government GSA contract. They have multiple styles and types of medical equipment for you to choose from.

Government GSA Contracts

Ocelco knows the time and frustration it takes to get things moving for government facilities. They plan to make it as easy as possible for you to get the …

Wheelchair Parts

Custom Wheelchair Upholstery

There are many different cases in which someone will need custom wheelchair upholstery. If you are in one of those situations right now, this is the place to look for custom wheelchair upholstery.

Custom Wheelchair Upholstery

Everything such as wheelchair seats, backs, armrests and more can be custom upholstered. Many times it can be much …

Information / Interesting

Different Types of Assistive Technology

As you may know, many different types of assistive technology are out today. Simple items like a easy grip fork can be considered assistive technology.

Assistive Technology

We’re going to go over a few different types of assistive technology, from the most basic to the most advanced forms. Many of the basic items are daily living aids …

Patient Room

Bariatric Patient Lifts and Parts

Like many other kinds of medical equipment, bariatric patient lifts and parts vary with different styles of equipment. We’ll review the top patient lifts.

Bariatric Patient Lifts

The many different brands of patient lifts is a big part of the many different styles and types. We’re going to review a few of your different patient lift option …

Patient Room

Trays and Over-Bed Tables

You have many different options when selecting the correct tray and over-bed table. Different brands, styles and types come with different helpful features.

The Features of Trays and Over-Bed Tables

As we described, over-bed tables come with many different options and features. Standard over-bed tables come with an adjustable height option. Other trays …


Straight 8ft Curtain Tracking

This straight 8ft curtain tracking that we are going to show you is right for any curtain hanging job that you need it for.

Straight 8ft Curtain Tracking
This curtain tracking is offered in powder coated white and silver.  It is made with 16 gauge extruded aluminum that is approximately 7/8″ x 1 1/4″. You can mount …