Shower Curtains

Sure-Chek Shower Curtains

Ocelco’s self-made Sure-Chek Shower Curtains work have many different advantages compared to regular shower curtains. What advantages do these sure-chek shower curtains have? They are flame resistant, heavily stain resistant, and so much more. We are going to go over more advantages in great detail.

Sure-Chek Shower Curtains

Heavy Stain Resistance – Making these shower curtains …

Fall Prevention

Risk Management Fall Protection Items

There are a lot of different products out there that can be used to prevent falling or any other type of risk in a wheelchair. Bed & chair exit alarms are among the most popular fall prevention products in the medical world. These alarms sound if someone has slipped or fallen from there bed or …

Fall Prevention

Men And Women’s Alzheimers Clothing

We have many different options to show you of articles of Men And Women’s Alzheimers Clothing. This style of clothing has many advantages to it and they all look very nice as well. Women and men who have Alzheimer’s sometimes prohibit independent disrobing. This is completely normal and these clothes will allow you to not …

Bath Safety

Bariatric Bath And Shower Safety

Bariatric Bath and Shower Safety has more limited options than the regular equipment but we’re certain we can still help you find exactly what your going to need. We’re going to go into specifics on a few different types of bariatric equipment such as shower benches, commode chairs, shower/commode chairs, & Gurneys.


Bariatric Bath And Shower …

Wheelchair Cushions

Free Shipping For Roho Cushions

Roho Cushions from Ocelco & WheelchairParts. Both of these websites are now letting you get your new Roho Cushions with free shipping. Find free shipping for Roho cushions only from WheelchairParts & Ocelco, and if you combine this great deal with each websites discount code and you are in for the biggest savings anywhere. So …


How To Choose Your Medical Equipment

If you’re wondering how to choose your medical equipment, your already in the right place. We are going to do the best we can to help you choose your medical equipment because we all know that there are really many different options for you to choose from. All of these options can be confusing and …