Where to find the Mobilegs Crutches Ultra, Adult


Ultra Saddle

Articulated saddle design pivots and rotates in tandem with body movement and features 1 ¼” of built-in dampening. It maintains full contact and will not abrade the soft tissue. The pliable membrane sling provides suspended support, creating a rest for the underarm and unparalleled comfort. This saddle moves every direction, even up and down. When your walking with your crutches there is no better feeling then not having to fight the saddle of your crutches in the direction that you want to move.


Pivoting End Saddle


Saddle Pivot

The saddle grips naturally and is well-ventilated for continuous air circulation. The saddle is specifically left/right hand oriented. With this easy air flow that the Mobilegs saddle allows you will have more breathing room and be able to walk for a longer amount of time without getting tired.


The Saddle Moves In Every Direction For Maximum Comfort


Ergo Hand Grips

Ergonomic Hand grips contour to the hand, maintain a natural wrist angle and evenly distribute load across the palm. Ergonomic Hand grips are specifically left/right handed. It allows for even easier movement with no discomfort to your hands.


Ergonomic Handle Design



The legs are offset to provide hip clearance and limit the potential for tripping.


Unique Leg Design



Fully adjustable height and arm length to properly fit 96% of all adults 4’9” to 6’5” up to 300lbs.


One Size Fits All


Mobilegs Recap

Mobilegs have truly revolutionized the crutch industry. They have completely redesigned every aspect of the crutch to make a perfect fit that anyone and everyone can use. If you need crutches there is no better option than the Mobilegs. In comparison to other crutch prices they are a little bit more expensive, but if your going to be on crutches for 3 months or more, your going to want to be as comfortable as possible. You may get frustrated if you buy a cheap pair of crutches that end up not working well for you and make you uncomfortable.

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