Hospital Privacy Curtains and Curtain Track Systems

When it comes to Hospital Privacy Curtains and Curtain Track Systems, Ocelco gives you all of the options out there at the lowest costs.

Hospital Privacy Curtains and Curtain Track Systems

With many options being shown to you it can be hard to figure out exactly which hospital curtains or curtain track will be right for you. We are going to analyze each style of hospital privacy curtains and curtain track systems so we can help you figure out which options work best for you.

Hospital Privacy Curtains

EZE Swap™ Snap On Hospital Curtain System

EZE Swap™ Snap On Hospital Curtain System

There are 2 main types of hospital curtains and they are snap-on and standard. Snap-on EZE Swap™ have been becoming a popular choice as they allow you to take your curtains directly off of the mesh if they need replacing for any reason. Snap On Hospital Curtains come in many different patterns and colors. You can view more details about them at Ocelco.

Hospital Curtains and Cubicle Curtains

Hospital Curtains and Cubicle Curtains

The standard style of hospital curtains and cubicle curtains are still a great option for any setting. They have a black out curtain option for rooms that need to remain completely dark for long periods of time. There is a no mesh option on these curtains. For curtains below 90” in height, the mesh will be 20”. For curtains 90” and above, the mesh is 28″ All Ocelco Inc cubicle curtains and hospital curtains are made with inherently fire retardant material that is durable, safe, and lasts throughout the lifetime of the cubicle curtain.

Curtain Track / Curtain Tracking

Curtain Tracking

Standard Curtain Tracking

Standard curtain tracking is usually the favored option. You can make this curtain tracking fit anywhere it’s needed to and it can be drilled into almost any ceiling style. Curtain track is extruded aluminum and can be powder coated to order. You can receive a custom quote on any angles of curtain track by going to or calling their friendly customer service.

Flexible Curtain Tracking

Flexible Curtain Tracking

Flexible Curtain Tracking works well when fitting 90­­­° angles. This is a great solution for specific situations but this style of curtain track only comes in 3 lengths. 8′. 16′ and 105′. Find more about flexible curtain track by clicking on the image. We hope this article on Hospital Privacy Curtains and Curtain Track Systems has helped you find the correct system for you.

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