Bariatric Bath And Shower Safety

Bariatric Bath and Shower Safety has more limited options than the regular equipment but we’re certain we can still help you find exactly what your going to need. We’re going to go into specifics on a few different types of bariatric equipment such as shower benches, commode chairs, shower/commode chairs, & Gurneys.

Bariatric BenchesBariatric Shower/Commode ChairPVC Bariatric Shower/Commode ChairBariatric Gurneys


Bariatric Bath And Shower Equipment

Bariatric Transfer Benches
There is a very wide variety of transfer benches for bariatric use. All that you have to do when llooking into a transfer bench is look at the correct specifications for you. They have many different sizes and options. Don’t get extra equipment you don’t need and the price will be a good range.

Shower Chairs
Commode Chair’s have many different variations and they only get comfier. Starting out with a basic shower commode chair, the upgraded version of these chairs get sturdier, extra padding, drop-able arms, all the way to rise and recline shower chairs.

Shower Commode Chairs
Again making sure that you have the right size and durability in your commode chair, there are a few extra things to consider in these chairs such as the web material. You can choose between nylon and mesh materials. Some have leg rests and there are different caster options.

Find information on Bariatric Gurneys here. You can also find all of this equipment at!

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